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Folium pXThis product is a unique supplement which is capable of removing toxic heavy metals, radiation poisoning and free radicals from the body. The product has been developed after extensive research in the field. This kind of product is quite new in its approach as previously no such kind of medication was available. Folium pX has been specially designed keeping in mind the condition of the victims after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. Made of 100% natural ingredients, the product enhances the immunity system with the help of powerful antioxidants.

What is the product made for?

The presence of plants and herbs with powerful antioxidants make this supplement highly efficient in battling cancerous growths. Not only this, the supplement can fight with other serious conditions like kidney problems. Generally the medications available in the market to fight with these conditions are highly expensive, prone to side effects and often do not assure 100% cure. But this product is a boon to the sufferers and an added advantage is that it is the best for health conscious patients.

Buy Folium pXWhat are the ingredients?

It is the ideal supplement to help people get rid of all the unwanted radicals absorbed from air, water and other sources. This is therefore a unique weapon to stay fit and alert in today’s world which is full of pollution. The formula combines extract from pine barks, grape seed and other natural ingredients. Many plants and herbs with medical values combine to form this product which also contains oligomeric proanthocyanidans. The OPCs are powerful antioxidants which fight with the serious health conditions with high success rate.

What are the features?

The consumption of the product entails some features which make it a popular choice:

  1. It has no side effects.
  2. The method of treatment is quite cheap.
  3. It detoxifies radiations and heavy metals like lead.
  4. Was actually tested on real cancer patients and victims of famous nuclear disasters.
  5. A third party clinical testing showed remarkable results in removal of heavy metals.

How does Folium pX work?

It offers a comprehensive detoxification process and has showed to provide a full freedom from dangerous deposition of heavy metals in the body. Complete rest and consumption of a capsule of this supplement absorbs the effect of the free radicals and metals. The all natural ingredients do nothing but enhance the natural detoxification process of the body which our body already has. The patients report about a remarkable decrease in the presence of heavy metals like uranium, mercury, barium, silver and cadmium in the body.

Get Folium pXThe General Benefits

The consumption of this supplement has the benefits like:

  1. It has a positive effect in removing metals and toxins from the body.
  2. Serves as the best detoxifier of heavy metals and radiation poisoning.
  3. Designed after numerous researches by eminent scientists all over the world.
  4. Was tested on real sufferers.
  5. No side effects.

Where can I purchase?

BAQ Health Resources is the exclusive producer of Folium pX. They can be contacted for getting hold of a bottle.

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