The privacy of our guests is essential to us. We identify that the personal information of the visitors must be kept secure and private. The privacy policy sets out how our company uses and secures any information that you provide to us, when you utilize our website. We are committed to making sure that the visitor’s privacy is secured. The policy routes the path, while collecting, disclosing, maintaining and using the information gathered. There is no leakage of information, provided by any of the users, who come to us.

Should we inquire you to provide definite information by which you can be detected while using the site, then you can be guaranteed that it will just be utilized according to the privacy policy? The privacy policy sticks to all the services and products advertised at our site. But we might change the privacy policy on a timely basis. Hence, it becomes important to check the privacy policy page from time to time to know about any changes.

What we gather?

Our company collects different types of personal and non-personal information from the users, who visit us. The information includes name, job title, contact number, email address, postcode, address and any other information associated with the customer surveys. You wonder why we would collect the information. There are lots of reasons behind the information collection. It is true that every user has different interests and preferences. It is why we are interested in gathering user’s interests and needs so that we can aid them in any manner as we can. We keep the information for internal record keeping.

Moreover, we collect information to make changes to our site so that the user experience will be increased. In this manner, we set a path to follow, when it comes to satisfying our users from different parts of the world. While on the other hand, security is the Amin aspect for us. We never disclose your personal or non-personal information to anyone.

Utilization of cookies

Cookies are used at our site to detect which pages are in use. By using cookies, we can get help to assess data about the traffic to our web pages. On the whole, we use cookies to enhance the visitor information by providing with a better and useful website. You can have a chance to either accept or decline cookies.

In any case, if the information we have about you is not right or incomplete, then you can contact us through an email.

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